HC Service Fee

HC Service Fee

HC Service Fee Calculation Schedule

Key Factors in Fee Calculation

Auditor Rates

  • The hourly and daily rates apply for auditors. (Regular conformity audits are conducted by two auditors as per the requirement of Halal Accreditation Bodies).
  • Back office rates apply for back office operations (technical support and administration)

Audit Duration

  • The audit duration is determined based on various factors such as: Size and complexity of the project; number of materials to be evaluated, number of production sites / production plants, types of products, and other relevant factors.

Travel Expenses

  • flight, rail, taxi, hotel and other means

Courier/Shipping Costs

  • Costs associated with courier and shipping.

Other service costs

Additional certificate issuance, additional product certifications, scope extensions, among others.

Cancellation Policy

Fee Charges

  • Cancellation 3-4 weeks before planned audit: 50% of the audit fee charged.
  • Cancellation 0-2 weeks before planned audit: 100% of the audit fee charged.

Payment Terms

  • Fees are payable within 10 working days after receiving the invoice.
  • Fees are credited back if the audit is rescheduled within 3 months.


Non-refundable Travel Bookings

  • Any non-refundable travel bookings will be charged to the client.

Total Audit Fee Calculation

Components of Total Fee

  • Auditor day rates multiplied by the number of auditor days.
  • Plus travel expenses (km, courier, incidentals).
  • Plus a 15% handling fee on any laboratory testing costs.

Payment Terms

  • Audit fees are payable in advance within 10 working days of receiving the invoice.
  • Fees and rates are valid until 31st December 2025 and may be adjusted thereafter.

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