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Important information for consumers: Please do not assume, that the whole product portfolio of the companies listed below are necessarily halal certified. In most cases, only a certain product or a particular product range is halal certified by HC, the Rüsselsheim/Germany based HALAL CONTROL GmbH, for that companies. However, there are also companies among the below listed ones, who have been halal certified for their whole product portfolio. We kindly advise you to contact the manufacturer or HC for further information.

HC halal approved, hence certified products, which are produced by the manufacturers below are mostly raw materials or semifinished B2B products.

These products are mainly exported to the various industries in the Muslim majority countries (example: Ingredients, such as spices, whey powders, flavors, etc. or their compounds for further processing in the food industry).

In terms of consumer products, which are being offered in the shelves of supermarkets or discounters, there are an increasing number of manufacturers who are discovering and delivering national markets. These companies may already export their consumers products to the international halal markets, where those products are labeled with the HC certification mark. Hence, we advise you to contact the respective manufacturers to ask them to also indicate the HC certification mark on their products for the national market in order to help halal consumers to properly identify halal certified products. HC certified consumers products are among others; dairy products, confectionery, pastries, oil and fats, jam, cereals, bakery products, potatoe products, etc.

Halal foods are products that are produced in accordance with the Islamic dietary and purity laws and norms. HC certified products meet high integrity, compliance and quality requirements in which ethical and ecological standards are upheld.

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