Conformity assessment and certification body for halal products, processes and services.

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HALAL CONTROL fully meets the accreditation/recognition requirements of JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia),
MUI Indonesia (The Indonesian Council of Ulama),

(BPJPH Indonesia; HC has already met BPJPH’s requirements (confirmed), regulatory process at BPJPH still in progress, deadline 17th October 2019),

MUIS Singapore (The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore), CICOT (Central Islamic Committee of Thailand, The Halal Standard Institute of Thailand,  ESMA/GAC (GCC - Gulf Cooperation Council countries), GIMDES Turkey, SANHA South Africa and other reputable institutions.


HALAL CONTROL is accredited according to ISO 17065:2012 and UAE.S 2055-2 (2015) standards.


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